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Our federation consists of three vibrant, high achieving, creative and supportive schools situated within a four mile radius of each other.

We are:

Simon Robertson is the Executive Headteacher of the Federation, with Nigel O'Neil overseeing the Primary schools.

All our schools have long and proud histories in serving our communities. We are all unique and that is what makes us special.

Our Federation was established in 2011 with a clear vision of raising 'Aspirations', developing a strong 'Community, improving transition and outcomes for young people and valuing the 'Diversity' of each school. With primary and secondary schools working closely together we have learnt from one another leading to improved outcomes for all involved.

The Federation prides itself on providing a friendly, caring, family environment within which children can flourish. We offer children the best learning environments, the best teachers and the best support to enable every child to reach their potential.

We really do believe that we work 'better together'.

  • Staff work together - improving practice and developing partnerships;
  • Children work together - improving learning, transition and building relationships;
  • Our budget is brought together - improving resources and ensuring best value; and
  • Leadership works together - improving opportunities and outcomes for children.

We are constantly challenging ourselves and each other through the networks we have built between the schools. Learning from each other's strengths and supporting each other with areas for development. We are constantly striving for excellence, securing high levels of achievement and outstanding opportunities for all our children.

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