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Parent Teacher Association

The success of our school owes much to the very positive links between parents and the teaching staff. The school has always had an active and supportive PTA. However, recently, several of the members have moved on and as a result of this we are working hard to create a new working party of parents.

The new PTA consists of parents/carers, representing each year group. This is especially useful in order to ensure the needs all ages of pupils are considered. At the moment we have some year groups well represented and others still in need of representatives. So if you are interested, then do come along to the next meeting.

The PTA meets informally on a regular basis to plan future events. They welcome anyone who is willing to give some of their time to help in the organising and running of events. It is not expected that members help in all events- any support is appreciated.

In the past, events organised by the PTA have included discos, Christmas and Summer fayres, bingo nights, race evenings and much more. As we are now at a transition stage, any new ideas would be more than welcome.

Funds raised in the past have been used to contribute towards pantomime visits, to purchase equipment, such as digital cameras, replace stage curtains, to contribute towards the cost of visits from artists and poets, cash payments to clubs, such as sewing and art, to contribute to classroom extras, such as reading and writing draw prizes etc

For information about PTA meeting dates, please refer to the weekly newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you at a meeting soon.