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Our Curriculum

Our aim is for all pupils to be prepared for the next stage of their education by having the confidence and aptitude to make their own valuable contribution to their community.  We want to prepare our pupils to be ready to meet new challenges with resilience and strong mental well-being, and to develop student independence by ensuring that their ‘love for learning’ continues throughout their time at Broadlands. We have a core curriculum that engages and suits the needs of all our pupils and our wider curriculum creates a culture of participation, opportunity and ambition. We have broken down our Foundation curriculum into a ‘Head, Hands and Heart’ approach. Each of these is explained below.

The Head – this area of our curriculum focuses on a child’s knowledge and understanding. We look at what the children already know and how we can build upon this. Our focus is that the children’s knowledge and understanding is relevant to them, taking into consideration their background, cultural capital, the area they live and their own strengths and barriers to learning.

The Hands – this area of our curriculum focuses on a child’s skills. We give opportunities for the children to use and apply the knowledge and understanding they have developed.

The Heart – this area of our curriculum focuses on a child’s learning behaviour. We look at their enthusiasm and passion for learning, their ability to work collaboratively with others and their ability for reflection and self-improvement. 

Some aspects of learning within our school will focus on one specific area although the majority will encompass all areas of the ‘Head, Hands and heart approach’ with a holistic learning experience. As a school we recognise that there is no ‘right way’ for a child to learn and each child’s learning experience needs to be catered to meet their individual needs.

As well as creating a holistic learning experience where we can effectively meet the needs of our learners, we believe that our ‘Head, Hands, Heart’ curriculum also gives children the best opportunities to succeed and fulfil their potential. We feel it helps to prepare children for the challenges they are currently facing but also for the future both educational and as they move into their adult life.

We have enhanced our curriculum further through a Curriculum publication called Cornerstones 22.  This programme ensures continuity and knowledge based learning across the foundation subjects.  

To find out more about our curriculum please contact Mrs Price by emailing