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Our Staff

Mr S Robertson - Executive Headteacher
Mrs C Willis - Head of Schools (Primary) DSL and SENCo

Mrs L Smith - Head of Learning and Year Four/ Five Class Teacher and Deputy DSL

Mrs N Price - Administrative Assistant
Mrs F Madeley - Family Support Worker and Deputy DSL

Miss S Fox - Year Six Class Teacher and Assistant SENCo
Mrs S Caldwell - Year Six Class Teacher (Tuesdays)
Mrs H Young - Year Six LSSA

Mrs S Caldwell - Year Four/ Five Class Teacher
Mrs L Smith - Year Four/ Five Class Teacher
Mrs L Phillips - Year Four/Five LSSA
Ms J Brown- Year Four/Five LSSA

Ms L Deem - Year Three/Four Class Teacher
Mrs D Marsden - Year Three/ Four LSSA

Mrs C Yates - Year Two Class Teacher
Mrs J Moon - YearTwo LSSA

N Jacks - LSSA Hive

Miss A Jarrett - Year One Class Teacher
Mrs E Byrne - Year One LSSA

Miss M Filby - EYFS Class Teacher
Ms K Mole - Nursery/Reception LSSA
Ms Lancett - Nursery/Reception LSSA

Mrs K Moores - 'The Hive' (Nurture Support) Class Teacher
Ms N Jacks - 'The Hive' (Nurture Support) LSSA

Mrs J Dicken - Year 4/5 & Year 6 LSSA
Mr I Snowzell - LSSA and 1:1 Support

Mrs P Griffiths - Caretaker

Lunch Time Assistants:
Mrs B Hall
Miss S Husbands
Mrs J Lancett
Miss L Filby

Breakfast Club:
Mrs P Griffiths
Ms N Jacks